screen-shot-2016-02-12-at-10-27-26I frequently have students moaning that it’s difficult to find new magazine markets, and I accept that in some areas this can be quite challenging. If your local shop only has one shelf of magazines, then breaking into new markets may feel daunting.

But, if you have access to the Internet (which you must have if you’re reading this blog posting) then check out a company called Readly. For a monthly subscription of £9.99 (practically the price of two  print magazines, these days) you can now get access to thousands of magazines, both current issues and back issues.

What I find useful is that you can cancel your subscription at any time, so you’re not committing yourself to £9.99 a month, every month (although most magazine writers probably spend far more than that a month anyway, so it really is good value!). Cancelling a subscription simply means that it won’t automatically renew, so you can still access everything until your month’s period is up. But what do you have access to?

Readly currently offers access to magazines from:

– the UK,

– the USA,

– France,

– Germany,

– India,


-the Philippines,

– Sweden,

– and Turkey.

So that should keep most writers going for a while!

This doesn’t mean that every magazine is available. Readly is always negotiating with publishers, and more publications are added to the catalogue on a regular basis.

You can download magazines to your computer, or tablet, or smartphone, so you can read them at times when you don’t have an Internet connection (which may be useful if you commute to work on public transport). however, and this is important, you only have access to any content (including the magazines you’ve downloaded) while your subscription is valid. So, if you subscribe on the 1st of the month, and then decide to cancel your subscription on 15th month, you’ll continue to have access to everything until the end of the month (because you’ve paid for one month’s access), but on 1st of the following month your subscription will have expired and all access will be denied. Pay again, and access is restored to all of your content.

I find this a cheap and useful way of exploring new markets all over the world, and if you successfully sell to these markets, it’s a great way of seeing your piece in print too! For a full list of magazines currently available check out: and just select a different country option from the drop down menu to see which foreign markets you can get access to.

Good luck!

A Readly Good Idea
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