Regular followers will know that I often comment how small steps lead to bigger journeys. Write 500 words every day and in 200 days you have a 100,000-word novel. (Well, the first draft, anyway!)

Several years ago I had my first article published in Writing Magazine, and then another, and another, and then in 2014 the editor asked me to contribute on a regular basis. The Business of Writing column was born.

For these articles, I often chat to other writers about how they deal with various elements of their writing business, and it struck me that, over the course of the column so far, I’ve gathered a wealth of information from these people. It seemed right to gather together some of these pieces and put them in book format.

So, guess what?

Packed with advice from over 50 writers (58 to be precise), some of whom have been on the UK bestseller lists, or the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, The Business of Writing – Volume 1 answers some of those important questions writers find themselves asking at various stages of their writing career:

  • when should I use a pseudonym?
  • how do I become more productive?
  • what records do I need to keep?
  • which laws affect me as a writer?
  • which rights should I sell, which should I retain?
  • what do I do when I get a book contract?
  • how do others cope with that crisis of confidence (which we ALL get)?
  • how to cope with rejection?

It’s available in Amazon Kindle format now (£2.99), with other ebook devices becoming available over the next few days. And there’ll also be a print version in the next few weeks too.

Never did I think, when I sold my first article to Writing Magazine all those years ago, that I would go on to create all of this material (or have the opportunity to chat to some amazing writers). But it just shows you how, by taking those small steps on a regular basis, you can create a body of work.

The next time you feel stuck on a writing project, don’t think about trying to complete it. Take a smaller step instead. Think about writing the next sentence. That’s all you need. For now. (Alternatively, you could just buy my book and let 58 other writers inspire you to get going again!)

Good luck!

(For a full breakdown of the articles included click here)

Advice From More Than 50 Writers

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