Gone are the days when a writer could wander aimlessly around the house waiting for The Muse to strike. These days, to be published you need to take a business-minded approach to your writing. This includes business planning your writing projects (where do you want to be in five years’ time?), setting achievable goals and targets, monitoring your work and evaluating your progress. It’s about keeping track of your submissions, sales, and knowing which rights you’ve offered in your work, and which rights are still available. You also need to maximise your income via secondary rights – are you claiming everything you’re entitled to?

Course Organiser

Name: Lois Maddox – Relax & Writer

Website: http://www.malagaworkshops.co.uk

Email: loisbm@aol.com

Telephone: 01454 773579


Course Venue

The Royal Agricultural University at Cirencester, in Gloucestershire, is in a wonderful setting, with great food. (Well, if an agricultural college can’t produce good food what hope is there?)


Course Breakdown

This course is for anyone interested in developing their writing more professionally as a business. Whether you write fiction, or non-fiction, it’s important to take a business-like attitude to your writing, so this course looks at the planning steps you can take, as well as the monitoring you might wish to undertake to keep control of everything.


Friday 6th April 2018

5pm to 6pm – Introduction to everyone in the group. Establishing your writing dreams and goals. Identifying what you want to achieve with your writing business.


Saturday 7th April 2018

9.45am to 10.45am – Business planning – creating long, medium and short term goals – the business plan of your writing business.

11.30am to 12.30pm – Project monitoring tips. Creating systems to stay in control of your writing projects, rights sold, payments received, etc.

2.45pm to 3.45pm – Understanding copyright and the different rights available that you can license in your work. Keeping track of those rights you’ve licensed.

4.30pm to 5.30pm – Contract negotiations. Understanding that you’re expected to negotiate. How to do so, and where to go for extra help should you need it.


Sunday 8th April 2018

9.45am to 10.45am – Maximising income – claiming everything you’re entitled to claim, once you’re work has been published.

11.15am to 12.30pm – Chasing payments, support organisations. Final Q&A session.



Approx £250 (includes all accommodation, food and tutoring). For exact cost contact Lois Maddox.



To book your place, please contact Lois Maddox, Course Organiser, whose details appear at the top of the page.


Course Content Query

If you have any queries concerning the content of the course, please feel free to drop me an email via the Contact page (http://thebusinessofwriting.co.uk/contact) and I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible.