Just a quick post to remind you that the DACS Payback scheme for 2019 is scheduled to open today. (It hasn’t yet when I check at 11am.) Check out their website here: https://www.dacs.org.uk/for-artists/payback

What is Payback?

If a photograph that you have taken has been published in a magazine, or in a book, or even on television, then you are eligible to submit a claim via the DACS Payback scheme.

DACS (the Design and Artists’ Copyright Scheme) collects funds from a variety of sources for secondary rights. (It’s very similar to the ALCS – Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society – scheme for words, where money collected from schools, universities, business and government agencies from the use of photocopying is distributed to beneficiaries.)

Imagine that you’ve had an article published in a magazine, and two of your photos were used to illustrate that magazine article. If a school teacher enjoyed reading your article and thought it might help them teach their class about the subject, they might photocopy it and give a copy of your article to each child.

Schools, libraries, universities, etc, make a payment for being able to photocopy such pieces, legitimately, and organisations like ALCS and DACS collect that money and then distribute it to writers and artists.

Note 1: receiving payment does not mean that your article/book/photo has definitely been photocopied. It merely acknowledges that because your work has been published it is available for copying.

Note 2: If you claim for published photos via ALCS, then you cannot claim (again!) through the DACS Payback scheme. (You’re only entitled to your share of the money once!) Historically, I’ve always claimed for my published words via ALCS and for my photos via DACS.

When Does Payback 2019 Open?

According to the DACS website: today!

What Information Do I Need To Make a Claim?

You’ll need the ISSN (for the magazine your photos appeared in) or the ISBN (if your photos appeared in a book.)

What Are The Deadlines?

DACS have set two deadlines. Historically, they’ve not need a lot of information from artists to make a claim. They’ve simply asked for the total number of images published, and in how many books/magazines. As a spot check, they’ve then asked for more information for three specific images – the ISSN/ISBN the photo appeared in, the publication title and when it was published.

They’re now seeking much more of this information, so if you have this historical data you can submit this, and need to do so by 18th February 2019. After that date they’ll only accept the simpler, less detailed claims, which must be made by 26th April 2019.

When Will I Be Paid?

DACS expects to make payments in the Autumn of 2019

For more detailed information, check out the DACS website: https://www.dacs.org.uk/for-artists/payback

Good luck!

DACS Payback 2019
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