A brief post this week, just to point you to an article that was recently published in The Guardian, written by Alison Flood, about the anger from Woman’s Weekly’s writers at the exploitative new contract. You can read Alison’s piece here.

We were hoping for a better, more detailed response from TI Media. Their response that they will continue to credit writers does not answer the question about why they need copyright, and their response to waiving moral rights enables them to make changes just doesn’t wash either – other magazines make editorial changes without authors having to waive moral rights in those contracts.

I quite understand a business has the right to do whatever it feels is necessary to ensure it’s business is profitable, but their complete lack of willingness to engage with the writers is immensely frustrating. A few years ago, DC Thomson changed their contract, and some writers were not happy about it at the time. But the editors engaged with writers – those writers who emailed the editor were given the courtesy of a response – often a long and clearly explained one – which satisfied the writers. DC Thomson has a great rapport with its writers because they took this effort. TI Media should think about this.

Good luck.

Guardian Feature

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