Here are details of the courses I’ve been asked to run in the upcoming months. If you have any questions about bookings etc, please liaise directly with the organisers. If you have a query about the course’s content, then please do get in touch with me on the Contact page.


2021 Residential Courses / Day Workshops


7th to 13th August 2021 – Swanwick

The Complete Article Writer – Swanwick Writers Summer School

Three Relax and Write groups at The Hayes, Derbyshire in October 2016. (Photo credit: Lois Maddox)

There are many different ways of learning about a new topic or subject matter, and there’s only so much you can learn from reading books and articles. Sometimes a better way get to grips with a new area of writing is within a small group of like-minded people, face to face with a tutor.

Courses take place all over the UK at venues (such as universities, and conference centres) that are easy to get to and offer comfortable accommodation, private rooms with en-suite facilities, and usually with Internet access (well, how else is a writer supposed to post on Facebook about how much fun they’re having?).

If you’ve never been away on such a course before, you’re bound to feel nervous or apprehensive, but don’t let that put you off. Remember, you already have something in common with everyone else there – a love of writing. Read the article I wrote for Writing Magazine here ( about the big writers’ conferences that take place each summer, and what the delegates I interviewed had to say. You’ll see they all agree that going to these events was one of the best things they’ve ever done!

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