Something in this photo has not stood the test of time. And I’m not referring to the 13th century castle.







Four years separate the photo on the right from the one of the left. The one of the right was taken last weekend. It’s for an article I’m writing, and it’s a great example of how things can change. Things that you least expect.

The cedar tree has been topped, which is a shame because it was truly an amazing specimen: it’s verdant green needle leaves contrasted beautifully against the sunburnt-flesh coloured sandstone castle.

I have sat many times at the foot of that trunk, under the shade of those huge boughs, and contemplated the history that has happened here.

So when an opportunity arose to write about this place my thoughts immediately turned to painting that picture of the magnificent cedar tree, dominating the historic frame of the castle. I even had the photos to prove it.

What made me take another visit? Well, to be honest, any excuse to visit this location is good enough for me. And I’m glad I did, for the topping of the cedar tree came as a complete shock to me. I had to rewrite my article to take this development into consideration.

It was a useful reminder to double-check everything – even about places we think we know well. They say the camera never lies, but a photo only ever captures one moment in time. Just because this is how it once looked, it doesn’t mean this is how things look today.

Double check. Double check. Double check again.

Good luck.

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