At the end of June I posted about the recent changes being made at Woman’s Weekly concerning their latest contract, which demanded All Rights from their fiction writers.

Now, I’m not a prolific short story writer, but I have been published in Woman’s Weekly’s Fiction Special, and therefore this is a market in which I have an interest. And although I have other writing priorities at the moment, writing short stories for the women’s magazine market is something I plan doing again in the future. I therefore have a stake in the this market, which is why I wrote to the Directors of Ti Media, publishers of Woman’s Weekly.

It’s important for writers to stick together on issues like this that affect us. That’s one of the reasons why joining a writing organisation, like the Society of Authors, of which I’m a member, is important.

I was therefore delighted last week, when I spotted that someone had retweeted the post from my website containing a copy of my letter to the publishers, and then included Joanne Harris in the tweet to bring it to her attention too. As a fellow Society of Author member, she immediately tweeted her thoughts on this and recommended other writers affected by the Woman’s Weekly contract change should join the Society of Authors too. The more of us singing from the same hymn sheet the better.

(I was then a little surprised at the number of Joanna Harris’ followers who then visited my website to read my letter.)

The more writers who know about this, the better. And if we all speak with one voice, even better. Writers are stronger together.

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Stronger … Together

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