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Turning Sunflowers Into Birdfeeders

Payments come in all shapes and sizes. But it doesn’t matter what the format is, it’s important you chase up what is rightfully yours, even if it is ‘just’ a prize.

I’ve finally received my prize for a submission I made to a gardening magazine, which was selected as the Star Letter in their January issue, published at the beginning of December. A neighbour had spotted a sunflower growing out of a branch of a tree. While it wasn’t the World’s tallest sunflower, the branch was certainly giving it an altitude boost.

So I snapped a photo, wrote a 54-word letter and submitted it. I was delighted when they published it as the Star letter, not just because of the prize, but because it meant I had another published photo to add to my DACS claim. My prize turned out to be an RSPB Premium Bird Feeding Station with additional bird feeders and bird food – worth £65. So £65 for 54 words and a photo was not to be sniffed at.

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The Cheque’s In The Post

charming-church-stretton-the-peoples-friend-16-jan-2016A couple of weeks ago I had a travel piece published in The People’s Friend. It wasn’t until I updated my records to show this had been published that I realised I hadn’t been paid. Or rather, I hadn’t updated my records to show this payment. The nice thing about DC Thomson, who publish The People’s Friend, is that they pay on acceptance.

I’d written the piece way back last July and submitted it in August, so it was bound to be back then. I went through my accounts and couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t easy, because I’ve done quite a bit of work for them this year, so there were several payments of the same amount, but all related to different projects. After much searching through my files and accounts I realised that I hadn’t been paid.

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