The Complete Article Writer
The Complete Article Writer

Title: The Complete Article Writer
Print RRP: £7.99
Print ISBN: 978-1502491817
Publisher: Simon Whaley/Createspace
eBook RRP: £2.99

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The Complete Article Writer began life as a series of eight step-by-step workshops that took delegates through the process of creating a publishable article. In book format its aim is the same: to show you how to get from a potential idea to a finished article written for a specific readership. The Complete Article Writer explores:

– article ideas: generating ideas and maximising their potential
– magazine analysis: identifying your potential readers and the aspects of your idea that will interest them most
– article structure: choosing the best structure for your idea, and how to make it an engaging read
– creativity: adding interest and sparkle to your article
– pitching: selling your idea to an editor before you write the article
– rights: understanding the rights a magazine buys from you, and how you can re-use your ideas.


What Is An Article?
Why Write An Article?

Chapter 1- Ideas

Sourcing Ideas
Topical Hooks & Anniversaries
Broadening Ideas
Local Angles
Human Interest

Chapter 2 – Market Analysis

Finding Publications
You’re A Writer, Not A Reader
The Front Cover
Contents Page and Editorial Contacts
Readership Analysis
Media Packs
Article Analysis
Study Several Copies

Chapter 3 – Creating An Outline

Identifying What’s Relevant To Our Readership
Putting Them Into Order

Chapter 4 – Article Structures

Numbers & Letters
Journeys & Travel
Q&A and Interviews

Chapter 5 – Beginnings

A Great Or Startling Statement
Dialogue Or Quotes
Scene Setting
An Anecdote
Ask A Question
The Topical Hook Peg

Chapter 6 – Endings

Summarising The Main Point
Circular Structure
A Call To Arms
Dialogue & Quotes
Looking Forward

Chapter 7 – Other Page furniture

Boxouts, Side Panels and Further Information Sections
Contributor Biography & Photo

Chapter 8 – Adding Creativity To Your Non-Fiction

Writing in Scenes
Using Dialogue
Point of View
The Writer as Primary Source

Chapter 9 – Editing

Analysing Paragraphs
Active and Passive Sentences
Pet Phrases
Have A Clear Message
Read it Aloud
Final Editing Points

Chapter 10 – Photographs

Analysing The Images
Submitting Your Photos
Sourcing Photos From Elsewhere

Chapter 11 – Pitching

Get A Name
Straight To The Point
Draw Upon Your Outline
Sell Yourself
Keep Records
Chasing Up

Chapter 12 – Formatting Your Text

The Traditional Way
Do What The Editor Says
Submitting Your Piece

Chapter 13 – An Example Article

Uncommon Waters

Chapter 14 – Understanding Rights

Traditional Freelance Working
The Three Key Components to Rights
Understanding The Impact of Rights
Should You Write for Free?

Chapter 15 – Keeping Records

Secondary Rights

Chapter 16 – Upon Publication


About The Author
Author Information Sheet (primarily for Booksellers): AI-the-complete-article-writer


“Take note of everything. THE MOST INVALUABLE book. A MUST read. My sister is now an article writer because of Simon. I’ve started now. He does GREAT tutoring weekends as well. Look out for them! :)” (Amazon Review)

“This book is indeed a complete guide! It takes you through the whole process of finding ideas to write an article and molding it into something that will sell. From the very beginning it inspires the reader to look for the simplest of situations in their own life and turn it into an article that could be published in the future.” – Diane Perry (Amazon Review)

“This book definitely lives up to its title, covering every aspect of article writing in a clear concise manner with plenty of examples. This ranges from sourcing the best ideas to finding suitable markets, from practical advice on article structures and photography to tips on spicing up your non-fiction writing, and everything in between.” – Solange Hando – Travel Writer

“As always from Simon Whaley a clear and concise book with helpful well written advice.” – Christine Wray (Amazon Review)

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