The Positively Productive Writer
The Positively Productive Writer

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Published By: Compass Books in January 2012

Print Book ISBN: 978-1-84694-851-0

Price: £11.99 (US$19.95)

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‘My piece was rejected. I should give up writing, yes?’ NO!

As a creative writing tutor, workshop facilitator and regular speaker at writers circles, Simon Whaley frequently comes across this statement from prospective writers. But drawing upon his own writing experience of over twenty years, the last eight as a full-time freelance writer, Simon knows how rejection can be misinterpreted.

Writers will always be rejected, both beginners and professionals, so it is imperative that writers understand what rejection really means and equip themselves with the necessary skills to cope with this emotion and identify any opportunities that may arise. When one of his book proposals was rejected by a publisher, the rejection actually led to two book commissions from the same publisher!

Having a positive frame of mind is key to remaining a productive writer. The more positive a writer is, the more productive they are, and the more productive they are, the more opportunity for writing success there is.

The Positively Productive Writer is not a how-to-write book, but a how-to-stay-motivated-as-a-writer book.



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Introduction – New Start, New You, New Writer

Part I – Setting Achievable Writing Goals

Reviewing Goals
A Writing Buddy

Part II – Learn To Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Twisting Negatives Into Positives
The Truth Behind Rejection
Reviewing Your Work
Start Your Next Project Immediately
Booster Cards
Achievement Files

Part III – Putting It Into Practise

Finding The Time To Write
Brain Training
Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist
The Write Place
Generating Ideas
Ten (foot) Steps To Productive Writing
Doing A Fagin
Quick Wins
Workshops / Seminars / Holidays
Literary Festivals
Writing Magazines

Part IV – A Positive Writer’s Year – Strategies To Succeed
A Positive Writer’s Year
A Positive Farewell


“The Positively Productive Writer by Simon Whaley will help change your mood if you are feeling rejected. It is positive and practical with sensible advice aimed at inspiring writers to carry on writing!” – Writers’ Forum magazine


“Feeling rejected? Simon’s book will change your mood in a minute! A marvellous book, positive, practical and inspiring… every freelance writer should keep a copy on their desk. If you’re ready to give up, just reach for this book – it re-ignites your writing energy, effortlessly. It worked for me, and will work for you.” – Diana Cambridge – Writing Magazine Agony Aunt

“A brilliantly positive book by a brilliantly positive writer.” – Della Galton – Writers’ Forum Agony Aunt

“Writing is, in many ways, like any other job. You need talent and tenacity to succeed – but from time to time, you also need a little encouragement to stay positive. The Positively Productive Writer offers practical advice to help you harness your confidence and keep your writing goals in sight.” – Isobel Ashdown – Award-winning writer

“Genuinely helpful in encouraging new writers to manage their time well, and to believe in themselves.” – Kate Long – Bestselling novelist

“Simon Whaley’s advice for writers is sensible, practical and inspiring. The Positively Productive Writer delivers a well- judged kick up the butt for writers everywhere.” – Jane Wenham-Jones – Novelist and Columnist

“After reading Simon’s book I thought I might feel a bit more positive as an author. What I actually felt was an overwhelming motivation to sit at my laptop and write, write, write! He’s totally changed my thoughts on rejection and I love the section on daily brainwashing. I don’t think I’ll ever get in my own way again!” – Heather Bestel – owner of A little Bit of Me Time

“Simon Whaley’s latest book, THE POSITIVELY PRODUCTIVE WRITER, will delight any rejection-weary scribe. It encapsulates all there is to say about how you can improve your writing skills in a very positive manner. We’ve long been asserting that positive thought works. Simon explains exactly how to use it to achieve your writing dreams. Buy this book. We wish we’d written it!” – Cass and Janie Jackson – Flair for Words.

“This is a `positively helpful book’ on a number of counts. Beginner or novice writers will find a mine of motivational tips and anecdotes to spur them on; not only to `dip their toe in the water’, but have the courage to `dive in’ and write. For others, a straight read-through will reinforce good habits already established and introduce new ideas.

Examples of valuable writing techniques include setting goals, using lists, working S.M.A.R.T. and many, many more. As a relatively experienced writer, I found Simon Whaley’s book a pleasure to read and to choose selective sections to dip into, refresh my own knowledge and find new tools. Simon’s writing style is both informative and entertaining at the same time.
This book should be at arm’s length on writers’ shelves to give a lift when you flag or to help you, when you are in top form, go that extra mile. Highly recommended.” – Tom Bryson – Author


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