One good way of developing your writing business in a fun way, is learning from others, and there are two upcoming events that I’m involved with: one as a committee member, and one as a tutor.

NAWGFest 2019 – 30th August – 1st September – University of Warwick

The National Association of Writers’ Groups annual gathering takes place at the University of Warwick, between 30th August and 1st September. Our gala dinner night guest speakers are Nicci Gerard and Sean French, better known as the crime writer Nicci French

Last year their 22nd novel, Day of the Dead, was published, which was the last in their eight-book series featuring protagonist Freda Klein. Readers called it “The perfect ending to the perfect series.” In addition to co-writing as Nicci French, both Nicci and Sean write novels and non-fiction under their own names. This year sees the publication of Nicci Gerard’s What Dementia Teaches Us About Love, an exploration of what it is to be oneself, and what it is to lose oneself.

Our tutors for the weekend include:

Helen Yendall running four workshops on writing fiction: including the elements of fiction, writing twist in the tale stories, getting ideas, and writing serials.

Cressida Downing is a book doctor and will look at common manuscript mistakes, what makes a great submission to a publisher, a synopsis masterclass, along with some non-fiction troubleshooting.

Kate Walker

Kate Walker will reveal all (!) about writing romance fiction – including the essentials of writing romance, creating characters, conflict and emotion, climaxing (oo-er!) with some sex and passion.

Solange Hando

Solange Hando is breaking her travels to offer advice to budding travel writers, looking at winning ideas, how to liven up your travel writing, finding time to write, as well as looking at the business of travel writing.

Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade is a man of many talents, running two workshops on poetry including the art of reading aloud, and drafting/editing poems. He’ll also look at oppositions.

He’s also running two workshops on writing crime, both factual and fiction, identifying a narrative, and then looking at ways to write a crime.

Writing for Magazines – Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester – 6th to 8th September

A week later (I’m planning on catching up on some sleep between these two events), I’m tutoring at the Royal Agricultural University at Cirencester, delivering a course for Relax and Write on Writing for Magazines, focussing on non-fiction markets.

Royal Agricultural University at Cirencester

It’s a weekend of exploring how to develop magazine article ideas, exploit them to their fullest, and then write the articles for the various markets that you’ve identified.

If you’ve always fancied writing for magazines, or have had some success and want to develop your skills further, this weekend will help you to achieve these goals.

Going away for weekends like these can be a great way to enhance your skills, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. And you never know, you could recover the cost fo your weekend through your next article sale!

Anyway, I’d better crack on because I have a commission for BBC Countryfile to deliver. And if you’re at a newsagents in the UK on Wednesday 31st July, check out the latest issue of The People’s Friend, as my travel feature is on the front cover!

My Elan Valley travel piece in the upcoming issue of The People’s Friend

Good luck!

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