Well, he’s gone and done it again. That top bloke behind the  series of books has just launched his latest in the series: .

As with all of Alex’s books, this one is written in a clear, no nonsense way, offering practical information in a succinct way. The book is a short read, but it contains plenty of information in each of its three sections: Creating and selling the book idea, agreeing the contract and writing it, then publication and promotion.

What works well here is that Alex points out why it is important to think about the whole process. For example, when coming up with an idea it makes sense to draw upon subject matters of which you are knowledgable – perhaps topics that you’ve already written several articles about. But when it comes to writing, don’t think of a book as one long article – break it up into different sections, using different styles, drawing upon anecdotes and humour. And then when it comes to promoting your books, think articles again – because an article in a magazine can be a great way to publicise your book to a readership.

So existing articles that you’ve written could provide the background material to your next book, while also providing a useful way of promoting it to a relevant readership when it is published.

As the author of several non-fiction books, Alex knows what he’s talking about. So if you want a quick, inspirational read, designed to inspire you to produce your first non-fiction book,  could be just what you’re looking for.


Good luck.

Writing A Non-Fiction Book
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